Igor Marović

Direktor fotografije

Igor Marovic is an award winning cinematographer. Since the early stages of his career he
had an opportunity to work with some of the industry most talented people and on many
notable projects, ranging from narrative short and feature films, music videos, documentaries
and TVCs. He just recently won Best cinematography award on the prestigious Martovski
Belgrade documentary and short film festival for his film The Vine. Primarily working on
narrative driven projects, with over twelve short films under his belt and second feature on
the way, he also very much indulge himself in working on long-term documentary feature
projects, at the moment lensing his second documentary feature on the biggest landfill in
Eastern Balkan, Vinca. Throughout the years he has also been notable for his great and
visionary work in numerous independent music videos, such as “No one but you” from Stray
Dogg, awarded Best Music Video in 2016, on one of the most respected festivals in Europe,
Split Music Video Festival.
Last year he finished shooting his first Tv series Jutro ce promeniti sve (Tomorrow is a New
Day) and currently working as an assistant on Faculty of Dramatic arts in Belgrade, Camera
Selected Filmography:
Homie (Domac) 2010. Best short `Documentary award, International Documentary Film
Festival “Golden Buklija”/ 2011. Martovski Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival
Working class (Radnička klasa) 2011. Best Cinematography award, International Short
Film Festival in Kraljevo
Farmer (Farmer) 2013. Munich International Short Film Festival / 2013. Martovski Belgrade
Documentary and Short Film Festival
Legacy (Amanet) 2015. Montreal World Film Festival / 2015. Beijing International Film
Glances of closed eyes (Pogledi zatvorenih očiju) 2015. Best Film award, South-Eastern
Europe Cinema schools Festival / 2017. Award of the city of Belgrade / 2016. Best Film
award, Student International Film Festival / 2016. Best student Film, 11th International
Documentary Film Festival “Golden Buklija” / 2016. Pula Film Festival
There has to be more than this (Mora da ovo nije sve) documentary feature, 2016.
Disquiet (Vrtlog) 2017. Best Original score at the Bobst Film Festival / 2017. Jury Award at
the Bobst Film Festival / 2017. Balkans Beyond Borders Film Festival, Brussels, Belgium /
2017. Award for the Best Serbian Film, Kraljevski filmski festival / 2017. Macabro Film
Festival in Mexico / 2017. Audience Choice Award at KRAF, Kragujevac, Serbia
The Vine (Lijana) 2018. Best Cinematography award, Best Film award, Martovski
Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival / 2018. Ca’ Foscari short Film Festival /
2018. Munich International Film Festival / 2018. Festival International du Film de Nancy

Mooch (Žicka) 2018. Tampere Film Festival
Tommorow is a new day (Jutro će promeniti sve) TV Series, 2018